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" for me and my house,
we will serve the Lord."
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Quick Facts

  • Birthday:  March 4
  • Favorite Song:  Too many to name
  • Favorite Preacher:  Jimmy Swaggart
  • Runner Up (Favorite Preacher):  Donnie Swaggart
  • Favorite Church (besides mine):  Family Worship Center
  • Favorite Book:  The Bible
  • Favorite Vacation Spot:  Pigeon Forge, TN
  • Favorite Attraction:  Dollywood
  • Favorite Season:  Fall
  • Favorite Fast-Food Restaurant:  Chick-fil-a
  • Other Favorite Fast-Food Restaurants:  The Beacon, Wayback Burger, Cook-out
  • Favorite Restaurants at Which We Might Eat Once a Week:  Wade's
  • Favorite Restaurants at Which We Might Eat a Few Times a Year:  The Peddler,  Apple Barn Restaurant, Coconut Joe's
  • Interests:  Using media (TV, Radio, Internet) to share the Gospel
  • Favorite Things To Do:  Going off with family, whether out to eat, shopping, or vacations
  • Greatest Blessing:  Besides salvation (and being filled with the Spirit and called to preach), my wife and children
  • Likes to watch:  SBN
  • Likes to listen to:  SonLife Radio or WXPS
  • Favorite color:  Red
  • Favorite car:  SUVs
  • Wish I had more time to:  Work in our yard
Scott is pastor of Truth Chapel World Evangelism Fellowship Church, manages WXPS, manages Corbin Technical, and works part-time in IT at a university.

What is most important to Scott, second only to serving God, is his family. He has been blessed with a wife who shares the same passion for reaching people with the Message of the Cross. He has been blessed with five children, all of whom have accepted the Lord at very young ages. Together, Scott and his family serve the Lord, and he is thankful that fulfilling the call on his life is not something he has to do on his own, but rather, Nikkie and the children have a calling placed on their lives as well and for the most part, the ministry work is done as a family. Scott believes that if God has truly called a man to preach, then that man's wife will be called to ministry as well. In his case, his wife is not only called to support him in ministry but also to have a ministry in her own right, preaching and teaching as he does. He can't wait to see how God will use his children, though he realizes that if they are to ever sing or preach, it must be a call of God, not just his or their desire.

Here are a few more quick facts about Scott: He graduated from Spartanburg High School and from USC Spartanburg (now USC Upstate). He prayed the sinner's prayer at a young age but began a more serious and consecrated walk with the Lord in the early 90's. He has done Christian work in radio, television, and the Internet, and now, as mentioned already, pastors a church.  He also runs the church radio station, WXPS 92.1 FM, which includes management, scheduling, live programming, pre-recorded programming, and production work for other programs.

Now, rather than elaborating more on himself, he would like to mention a few people who have meant or do mean a great deal to him (and that is an understatement in many cases), because without God placing them in his life, he would be a different person (in a negative way) than who he is: First, his wife Nikkie, the greatest wife in the world because of her love, understanding, and support, and because God put them together. And he knows when he goes to work everyday, that he does not have to worry about his children in any respect because of the kind of mother she is. Then, his children, each one different and special but yet the same in how loving and precious they are. Next, his mother, who taught him, among other things, that being a moral and hard-working person is the way that we must live and is the type mother who would do anything to help her children. Other relatives, including his brother, who hold a special place in his heart and life even though busy schedules don't permit spending much time together. His former pastor, Rev. Boyd King, who taught Scott much about the Bible and also, without even knowing it, much about how to pastor a church. His favorite evangelist, Jimmy Swaggart, and those who minister at JSM, such as Sister Swaggart and Bro. Donnie Swaggart. And friends, co-laborers in the ministry, and coworkers. Scott says "thanks" to all.

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