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we will serve the Lord."
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Scott and Nikkie's relationship began in an unusual way. Scott, in his teen years and early adult life, did not get involved in dating, having no desire at that point in his life to be married or involved in a serious relationship. It was not until he was in his thirties that Scott began to pray and seek for a wife.

Nikkie, as a teen, felt led by God to also not date. Instead she focused on building her relationship with Jesus and even spent time praying for her future spouse. During college, she began to feel a need to meet someone and, she wondered if it was time to meet that lifelong mate. Shortly after praying about it, Nikkie met Scott and soon found herself wondering if he was the one.

Scott and Nikkie met at church. Both being shy, they didn't talk much at first. In fact, Nikkie could hardly look up from the floor when Scott did speak to her. Yet, she knew God had brought him into her life. Finally the two began emailing and learning all about each other. One thing led to the next and before long, they were dating.

After just two years of dating, the couple was ready to marry and begin a family.

Through the years, they've had ups and downs but through it all, they have never doubted that God Brought them together. And as they've learned the Message of the Cross, the couple has learned to surrender themselves to Jesus, allowing their marriage and their love for each other to grow stronger each other.

Scott and Nikkie bring out the best in each other and are constant encouragements for the other to do better and to not be discouraged. They are best friends and are there for each other in and through everything.
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