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The Corbins have a variety of things they do. Often, the first question they’re asked by others is what curriculum they use. For years, Nikkie cringed at that question she as an education major graduate, she created most of her curriculum herself, and didn't want anyone to think that her kids were getting an inferior education.  And as she enrolled them in the church school, and they began using traditional curriculum, it was proven that they were all either right on target, or well ahead.

Now, Nikkie still creates a lot of her own lessons, but she also uses some A Beka books.  She loves A Beka because of the Christian emphasis.

But her favorite teaching strategy is what some call a theme cycle, and others call a unit.  This has always been her primary way of teaching the children as it involves lots of hands-on and integrates the different subjects together.

Below is an example of how a theme cycle might work:

If they are studying animals, they would read lots of books about animals, write stories about animals, discuss sizes and measurement in math, learn lots of facts about animals in science, study locations of particular animals in geography, and so forth.

Nikkie also uses the state standards for schools to make sure that they are learning everything that they should be learning. As different items are accomplished by a particular child, his/her initial is placed next to the standard. They do not confine themselves to one grade level. As standards are fulfilled for a particular grade level, they move on to the standards for the next grade level.

The rate they move along is totally up to them and sometimes, they spend longer on a subject than at other times. They are completely flexible.

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