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we will serve the Lord."
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Quick Facts:

  • Birthday: January 23

  • Favorite Color: Purple

  • Favorite Hymn: Amazing Grace

  • Favorite Singers: All those at Family Worship Center but especially Grace Larson Brumley, and Joseph Larson

  • Favorite Bible Book: Psalms

  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Isle of Palms, SC (But she also loves Pigeon Forge, TN)

  • Favorite Restaurants: Wade’s, Chick-Fil-A, Cook-Out, Wayback Burger, Shane's Ribshack, Raising Cane's

  • Favorite Flower: Yellow Rose

  • Favorite Activities: Shopping!, watching movies with her family (movie night is a big deal in the Corbin home and includes popcorn, candy, sodas, etc), swimming, soaking in a hot tub of water, talking

  • Favorite Movie Types: Classics especially with Doris Day or Debbie Reynolds, Romantic Comedies, Christian

  • Hobbies: Scrapbooking, crocheting, quilting, other crafts, reading, writing

  • Her Weakness: Buying for her family (especially her kids)

Nikkie is a self-employed (Corbin Designs), stay-at-home, homeschooling mom and minister at Truth Chapel and Sound of Truth Radio.  She is also the director of Truth Chapel Christian Academy.

Nikkie is a self-employed housewife and mother. She often laughs when people say they could not stay home because they would be bored. BORED? Nikkie’s days are busy from morning until night with homeschool, cleaning house, taking care of church matters, fixing meals, and more. There’s never a dull moment but she loves her family and prays daily that she will never neglect or forget the joy of being with them.

Nikkie is the daughter of James (deceased) and Freida Cooksey. She has two older brothers, Chris (father to Christopher, Johnny, and Zach) and Jamie (married to Kim and father to Hannah and Rebecca). Nikkie is also blessed to still have one living grandmother.

Nikkie graduated from Broome High School in 1999 and then graduated as an Elementary Education major from University of South Carolina—Spartanburg in 2003.

Nikkie met her husband, Scott, in late November 1999, began dating him in April 2000, and married him in June 2002.

Nikkie loves God, first and foremost. She’s been saved since she was a small child and loves Him more the longer she knows Him. She could tell countless stories of His grace and blessings in her life. She was baptized in the Holy Spirit when she was 14 years old at a youth camp. Not long afterwards, she began teaching a child’s class at church. She also began working at younger youth camps every summer in various positions including counselor, bookstore worker, and more. Nikkie also wrote a Christian romance novel which she and Scott had printed and has many more writings that she hopes to have printed later. As a couple, Scott and Nikkie began ministering in nursing homes, held community festivals, and began a church.

Nikkie also loves her husband, her best friend. He understands her like no other person ever could. He always knows just what to do to make her laugh, even when she feels like she’s in the bottom of the pit. Scott and Nikkie often complement each other in their life. She has taught him to enjoy the beach while he has taught her to enjoy the mountains. She has taught him that it’s okay to take a week’s vacation while he has taught her that Saturday is no longer a day of rest—sometimes we have to go ahead and push right on through Saturday to get things done. And so forth. Nikkie loves life with her husband and is so grateful for his presence in her life. It is said that in a marriage, two become one, and they are truly one in all things. Without him, Nikkie would feel incomplete.

Nikkie also loves all of her children. She always wanted a big family and each one of her children is very special to her. She could write books about each one and how much they have meant to her. They can run her crazy sometimes, but she wouldn’t trade a single moment with them. Matthew is Nikkie’s oldest and is an anointed preacher and a
wonderful helper with everything around the home and at church.  Gabrielle is Nikkie’s oldest girl, and is quickly blossoming into a Proverbs 31 young woman, helping around the home with cooking and cleaning and teaching the younger kids.  Jeremiah is Nikkie’s third child, and is his daddy made over.  He is quiet, but very observant and a hardworker, who can do anything that he can find a youtube video about.  Elijah is Nikkie's fourth child, a tender-hearted, loving, and talkative young man, who likes to know about everything.  Chloe is Nikkie's fifth (and final) child, and is a cumulation of all her siblings, and the center of attention with them all.  She's talkative, loving, observant, helpful, etc.

Nikkie’s greatest desire is to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She loves sharing His Word as she ministers from the pulpit or on the radio,
and one-on-one with anyone willing to listen. She loves and prays daily for her family and friends who are unsaved. She desires, more than anything, to be used by God to reach others with His truth and to see her lost loved ones saved.

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