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When Jesus died on the cross, He paid the price for everything any person has ever needed or will ever need.

Man’s first and greatest need is for a Saviour. Without Jesus, man is a slave to Satan and destined for eternal damnation in Hell. However, Jesus died so that any person who will accept and believe Him can become a new creation in Him and become destined for eternal life in Heaven.

However, once a person is saved, they must continue to place their faith in the cross for every other need they have as well.

Jesus’ death did not only pay for their salvation, although that is the most important thing, but it also paid for everything else….

It paid for healing…. Jesus spent His entire ministry healing and it is still His desire to heal. When He defeated Satan on the cross, He defeated sickness. Since we still live in a sin-filled, wicked world, sickness still comes but we can believe Him for healing and He will heal.

It paid for financial needs…. Jesus does not desire any of His children to be in poverty. He wants to provide for those who will believe Him, although it will not necessarily be by miraculously receiving a check in the mail (although it may). God may provide for financial needs by sending a job, teaching you to budget better, or some other way. No matter how God chooses to provide, He can and will provide but we must understand that our financial need was met at Calvary.

It paid for our deliverance…. This is a truth that the church greatly needs to hear. There are Christians who battle the sin nature daily and do not know what to do about it. Some Christians battle alcohol addictions, cigarette addictions, pornography addictions, and so forth. Some battle other things that may not be as noticeable like anger, hate, unforgiveness, greed, pride, and such. No matter what it is, it is sin and Christians either get themselves in a bad situation where they think that’s just the way they are and God will overlook it (God loves us but He does not overlook and will not accept sin) or they feel like they can never get victory over the situation and therefore, walk away from God feeling like they just can’t make that Christian walk. The truth is, they can’t make that walk but Jesus can. And He made the way for us to make that walk by believing that He paid for it at Calvary. Jesus died for us to have victory over sin.

Simply put, Jesus paid it all…

Will you believe Him and accept what He has done for you?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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