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Nikkie has always detested needles. She had no desire to have needles stuck in her at any point in her birth experience. Therefore, she often thought about natural childbirth and even using a homebirth midwife to deliver her baby.

Scott, not knowing much about natural childbirth or midwives, was very skeptical at first. Although he supported Nikkie in having the baby naturally (he has never been a fan of lots of medical interventions anyway), he wanted them to be careful.

After conceiving Matthew, they had to make a decision. Nikkie was able to find a couple of midwives who worked at a local hospital. She thought this was the perfect solution—giving her the natural midwife-assisted birth experience but also giving Scott the reassurance of being at a hospital where doctors were on hand. After interviewing one of the midwives, Scott was confident with this choice and they proceeded.

During pregnancy with Matthew, they participated in a local Bradley class. At this class, they learned more about the risks of medical interventions and really began to appreciate the birth process that God has created. At this point, they began to not only not want a medical birth experience, but were determined to avoid medical procedures unless absolutely necessary. Medication, induction, and other medical things were no longer even considered options unless necessary.

Pregnancy went well until right at the end. Matthew was a few days late. During those last days, Nikkie’s blood pressure went up slightly. It was not enough to cause the midwife to insist on induction but it was enough to place Nikkie on bed rest and keep very close watch.

After a couple of appointments, the midwife discussed Nikkie’s case with a doctor on staff. The doctor advised that they should induce Nikkie. The midwife told him that she knew that would not be an option. He then recommended 24 hour observation in the hospital. She told him that she didn’t think that would be suitable to Nikkie either. So, his last suggestion was to allow them to go home but to collect her urine for 24 hours before returning for a closer check.

Scott and Nikkie went home that day knowing that Matthew had to come then or they could end up being induced—induction leads to harder contractions which would make it even more likely that Nikkie would need medication which leads to even more possible complications. They had to avoid that. So, they spent the afternoon walking around the local mall several times and called their Bradley teacher for natural induction suggestions. They did almost all of them and went to bed that night praying for God’s intervention.

Around 1:30 am, Nikkie awoke with strong contractions and blood in her urine. She was not sure if this was it, but just in case, she got a shower (she wanted to make sure to have freshly shaved legs if she was going to be exposed to all!). Before long, she woke up Scott and told him that she thought she might be in labor. Finally, he roused up and was ready to help her through the process.

It was not until later in the morning that Nikkie was certain that labor was progressing. The contractions were growing stronger, especially in the back. They avoided rushing to the hospital, wanting to labor at home as long as possible, but finally headed over to the hospital around 10:00 am.

Nikkie was very disappointed when she learned that she was only 4 cm dilated but knew that this was it. As the contractions became very intense in the back, Scott pressed his fist as hard as possible into her back, helping to relieve the sensation.

Not long afterward, Nikkie got to a point where she didn’t know if she would be able to make it or not. However, she remembered her Bradley teacher saying that when you feel like you can’t do it anymore, then you’re almost through. This is the transition stage and only lasts a short time. So, Nikkie kept thinking, “She had better be right.”

Unable to get comfortable at this point, her midwife suggested she get in the shower. Nikkie did but on the next contraction, she could not stand having to stand up. So, she went back to the bed, only to decide that she had to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, while having a contraction, Nikkie decided that bearing down with the contraction felt good. So, she was rushed back to the bed where she learned that she was indeed fully dilated and that Matthew’s head was on its way down the birth canal.

After just a few pushes, Matthew Corbin was born a little after 1:30 pm. Everything had gone perfectly and he was very healthy.

Scott and Nikkie walked away knowing that labor is hard work but bearable and they knew that natural labor would continue to be the only choice for them.
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