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Scott and Nikkie believe in natural childbirth. They had Matthew and Gabrielle at a local hospital, assisted by a midwife, completely natural. Jeremiah and Elijah were born at home, also assisted by a midwife, and also completely natural.

Childbirth is a miraculous process, created by God. By avoiding drugs and learning to work with the body rather than fighting against it, a woman is capable of having a wonderful labor experience. And a baby born without the influence of drugs is often more alert and helps the birth process along. A well-trained and learned midwife is capable of watching for emergency situations.

Many, before ever having a baby, automatically plan that they will have medications and so forth. They adapt all their friends’ horror tales (tales that came from friends who did have medication) and all of Hollywood’s horrific birth scenes. However, in Scott and Nikkie's experience, everyone they've known who has had a natural childbirth experience, tells their birth stories with much more pleasure and peacefulness and much less complications. Therefore, they completely believe that natural, unmedicated childbirth is the best method, both for mother and for baby. They do believe, however, that a person who plans for a natural childbirth should be educated first. They have known some who planned unmedicated births but did nothing to prepare. These births always ended in medicated births, instead. Knowing what to expect and how to handle things is very important to an unmedicated birth experience.
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