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Household Tips

Proverbs 31 describes a virtuous woman. Nikkie reads these Scriptures many times, aspiring to also be called a virtuous woman, someone who her children and her husband will speak well of. Many lessons can be learned here, but one of the big concepts is that the woman takes care of her home.

As a housewife, it is Nikkie’s goal to make their home a haven for her husband and their children. She wants it to be clean, peaceful, and a place that is a joy to be at. A major part of making their home this way is just basic cleaning. And Nikkie will be honest… This is an area of struggle for her. When Scott and Nikkie first married, it was easy. She just had to clean up after them and they didn’t make that many messes. Now, with 5 young
children, it seems as though one room gets ripped in a hundred pieces while she’s cleaning another room and then, she feels like she accomplished nothing. So, this is something she is working on. Thankfully, as her older children are getting bigger, they are learning to clean up after themselves more and even help with some of messes created by the younger ones.

But here are some tips she’s learned:

  • Get organized. It’s easier to keep things clean when everything has a place it belongs.

  • Set limits. Nikkie used to allow the kids to play in the living room but that just made one more room that required a major clean-up by day’s end. Therefore, they are no longer allowed to bring down more than 1 toy to the living room. This keeps the living room from becoming a huge project.

  • Don’t let it get out of hand. Clean as you go. If you wait, it will pile up and then it will be overwhelming.

  • Make a list. List what you have to accomplish as well as what you’d like to accomplish. This helps Nikkie stay on track and prioritize.

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