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Learning on the Road

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This year, in school, we're learning American History.  And I love videos, games, etc that make learning more fun.  Well, these CDs that teach American history appeared in an advertisement for me and I began looking into them.

They are called "Adventures in Odyssey."  There's many "Adventures in Odyssey" CDs teaching many different things, but the set of CDs that showed up in an ad for me was the American history set, of course.  And when I saw that they were conservative, Christian based CDs, I decided to give them a try.  I knew that we take trips throughout the year, and these could be interesting to listen to while traveling, and would reinforce the things the kids are learning in history.

Well, today, we listened to the first CD and I loved it.  It was interesting, fun, and easy to follow.  Honestly, I can be the kind of person who starts thinking about other things when someone is talking and I wasn't sure how well it would keep anyone's attention, but it did.  Not only that, but later in our ride, one of the kids asked me to play another one.  I didn't, because I didn't want to jump too far ahead in our history lessons but I was glad to hear that he wanted to listen to another.  And, during our next road trip, we will definitely be ready for another!

Check them all out right here.  
Or, check out the one on American History that my family is currently enjoying!

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