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"...as for me and my house,
we will serve the Lord."
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As a young child, Nikkie's mother sold vitamins, and that forever made a lasting impact on Nikkie and her love for natural health.  Her mother would bring home pages and pages of information (this is prior to the internet) about vitamins and their benefits, and Nikkie, being an avid reader, would devour the information in those pages.  

Then, as a newly married woman, and a woman who would quickly become a mother, Nikkie knew the health of her family was of utmost importance and was in her hands.  As a wife and mother, she felt the need to research everything, and always find out and pursue the best options.

These options have included 5 drug-free, natural birth experiences, vitamins and healthy eating, chiropractic visits, essential oils and more.  As one studies natural health, it is amazing to see how in the natural world, God has provided so many resources that are good for man, and good for their healing.  It is amazing.

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