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Scott and Nikkie chose to homeschool their children prior to their births. Nikkie graduated from college as an elementary education major and loves being able to teach her favorite students in the world, her children.

As Christian parents, Scott and Nikkie believe that it is the parents’ responsibility to be the number one teachers in their childrens’ lives whether the child goes away from home for formal education or not. Some may not be able to homeschool but as many schools become more corrupt, Scott and Nikkie recommend the parents to either stay very involved in the education their child is receiving or find a way to keep him/her at home.

Nikkie homeschooled all their children until Matthew (the oldest) was in the 6th grade.  Then, their church began a school and since Nikkie took on a full-time job working at the school, she placed them all in it.  A few years later, they decided to return to homeschooling the younger ones, and gave Matthew the choice of returning to homeschool or remaining in the church school.  He chose the latter, but later returned to homeschool, too.

Homeschooling is a committment that requires a lot of hard work, but it is a blessing and a privilege to be able to be so involved in their childrens' lives and to have a closeness among the children that develops as they learn together.

There are many methods of homeschooling, and no two families do things just alike.

Laws also vary by state.  Some states have few laws which makes it easier to homeschool, while others are more rigid.  Each person ought to investigate these laws before beginning.
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