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Who is homeschooled?

All our kids are homeschooled and range from elementary school to high school.

What does the typical homeschool day look like for the Corbin family?

That is a constantly changing answer.  From year-to-year and even from week-to-week sometimes, our homeschool days adjust to meet our needs.  And that is one of the wonderful things about homeschool.  Each family is different and can make it work for their needs.

When does the typical homeschool day take place?

Any day they want to have it. Typically, they only have school Monday through Friday but they have also had school on Saturdays. They don’t have school on holidays or their birthdays. They also like to start the school year in July—it’s too hot to go outside much anyway and then they’re able to take more time off in the off-season months when their family likes to take vacations. Their school year finishes whenever they finish 180 days. It all depends on how many days off they take.

Where do the Corbin kids have homeschool?

They can homeschool anywhere (even in hotel rooms). However, typically, they start the day in a bedroom where they have set up 4 desks and a couple of bookcases.  

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